Monday, 2 April 2012

Pole Raising on Haida Gwaii - 2001

One of the most exciting events during my time on Haida Gwaii was the Pole Raising in June 2001. Six wonderful - as well as huge - poles carved out of red cedar were raised in honor of the six old villages: Skidegate, Cumshewa, Skedans, Tanu, Chattl, and Nistints.

I took some pictures of the Pole Raising in order to remember it better. Since I only had a traditional camera at that time, not a digital one, I just photographed all the old paper photos with my digital camera to make them more portable and shareable. Unfortunately, the quality of the 'pictures of the pictures' is sometimes a bit poor. Sorry. If I ever have time, I will scan the original photos to make the digital pictures better.

Please note that these pictures are private pictures and for personal use only.

Happy viewing!


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  1. Awsome pictures, what a holiday, i am so jealous. I would love to travel around the islands. I had that same problem with some private scans taking a photo of them to put online to show another professional friend of mine. I ended up visiting instead. Annoying.